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i am "mom", "wife", "prop vendor", "designer", and your soon to be photographer! I love everything vintage, lace, and floral. I've never met a stranger in my life, literally talk to everyone I see....lol  and I stay busy living the best life I can for my kids and my amazing husband of almost 11 years! We have been blessed with 3 amazing kiddos! They're my models, supporters and everything! I'm originally from Russia and was adopted when I was 13, so when I talk fast you may still hear a little bit on an accent. Other than that I'm pretty normal and fun to be around :) 

Through the years I learned to appreciate the beauty of people’s faces and personalities, their emotions through the sessions. Each and every client shoot is different and for me it's important to take my time and document it all. It was almost 7 years ago that I decided to pick up a camera in my own hands, to capture what I see and show it to others. I am picky about the details and angles, m my goals are to give the best to my clients. I do not cut corners, and provide the best experience! After a long break from photographing and booking clients and focusing on my family, health and my props business I've returned to my love of photography! Year 2022 will be the best yet! New studio, upgraded camera gear, and beautiful place called Florida! After so many years of traveling coast to coast with my husband and family, he's finally retired out of the Army and we are settled down here in Florida! This is our home and hope that I meet a lot of locals and give them this amazing gift of memories...
My photography journey started with people portraiture, well I should say my kids portraiture, they've always made me push myself harder and further and do my very best! I love interacting with my clients, and capturing genuine emotions. It is very important to me how my clients feel during the photosession and after. I want to make every client very comfortable and relaxed during their family sessions, and boudoir photo sessions! For me it's more important to tell a story with all the photographs, to help you embrace the beauty that you see everyday in the mirror. You may not recognize yourself someday, but photographs last forever!!


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