Welcome to Angi V Photography
 Welcome to Angi V Photography

Hi there!! I'm Angi



A little about me, 


I am the Lady behind the camera, mother, wife and a prop vendor. Lover of everything vintage, floral and unique. Obsessed with my canon and natural light! My hobby has turned into a passion leading to my career which has kept me busy the last two and a half years. I think that is why I love lifestyle photography so much, no posing, no fake smiles! My little one still loves to say cheese and loves to show her little teeth. I am also obsessed with exploring new places with my family and getting them in every shot. Because all we really have is our memories and beautiful photos at the end of the day. So with that said I am so excited to meet you all and explore EL Paso and surrounding areas. We will soon be home owners there! YAY! My honey has given the Army 14 years and counting, so we are a Military family & if you are as well I would love to offer you a discount with each session that you book with me, because we should all give a little! 




...now lets book a session and make magic happen, because you all deserve to have beautiful photographs. 

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